Tips to DIY a Safe Firepit

An outdoor fire pit is great any time of year. Here are some tips to DIY your own along with some safety tips. Fire pits can be basic or elaborate, depending on budgets and intended usage of the pit. Remember to never leave a fire going unattended. During high winds or during summer droughts, having an outdoor fire is not advised.


Check the Local Regulations Before Getting Started

There are different rules and regulations for different areas. Before getting started, it is important to check these rules and make sure your fire pit is going to be within the regulations.


Pick a Location that is at Least 20-25 Feet From Homes and Trees

The fire pit should always be a safe distance from anything combustible. A good rule of thumb is to keep it at least 25 feet away from any other trees, shrubbery, or homes. This will help eliminate the chances of the fire spreading to unwanted areas if a gust of wind comes through.  


Dig a Pit

Mark the area and then dig a shallow hole for the fire pit. The pit should around 6 inches deep (if you have a lot of space to build a larger fire, dig a larger pit). 


Build a Wall Around the Pit

Bricks and stone are great for bordering fire pits because they aren’t flammable. This means they will help keep the fire contained. The stonework around the fire pit can be as fancy or as simple as you would like! Fancier stonework might take more time, but it can make your firepit a beautiful accessory to your outdoor living area.


Be Vigilant and Have Fun

Once the firepit is constructed, fire pits can be a lot of fun. However, it is important to be vigilant when having a fire. Use caution and never leave a fire unattended.  


Do you have any other fire safety tips to share? Comment and share below!


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