Organization Tips For 2018

   “This year I will be organized!” Sounds like a popular mantra for a New Year’s resolution, right? To make this a realistic and manageable goal, create a plan that involves organizing in pieces. Organizing in pieces rather than all at once will keep yourself from feeling defeated at the start. Here are four of our biggest tips on how to get yourself organized and stay that way.


Downsize and de-clutter. This should be the first step in your organization process. Go through your closet and sort out all the clothes, shoes, bags, etc that have been untouched throughout the past year. If you did not wear them last year, it is likely that still won’t the next year. S instead of letting these items clutter your closet, donate them! There’s also good chance that once you donate these items, you will not even notice they are gone. In the bathroom, throw away of all the extra toiletries that you never use or save for “just in case”.  Toiletries have expiration dates, if they have been sitting around for a long time it might be time for them to be pitched anyways. 

Label Everything

Start labeling all the bags and boxes filled with things stored throughout the year. This will make it easier to keep similar items together and to locate things efficiently.


Another important step toward organization is learning how to say “no”. Things run smooth until we become busy and overwhelmed with other time-commitments. Remember to save some free time for yourself to keep yourself on top of your goals. Staying organized involves smart time-management as well.

Do a Little Everyday

Create a cleaning and organization schedule by breaking tasks into small chunks to conquer throughout the week. This will help keep you on task and from getting overwhelmed. Spending smaller amounts of time will you motivated and from getting exhausted.

Start having a 10 minute cleaning routine before you go to bed each night. Use this time to put everything back in its designated spot.

How do you keep your home organized? Do you have any tips or tricks that you find helpful? Comment and share below!

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