Spring Cleaning: How to Get Started & What You Will Need

Spring, a season celebrated for new beginnings, rejuvenation, and spring cleaning! While the majority of the home should be cleaned on a regular basis, there are a few things that are tackled only seasonally. Spending extra time scrubbing the baseboards and hitting all the other details is time-consuming, but imperative. These deeper cleans will keep your house looking and smelling fresh and clean. To help you get started, we compiled a list of our favorite cleaning supplies to help you conquer a variety of tasks:

For Being Green:

  • Vinegar – mix with equal parts water to create a cleaning solution that will wipe away soap scum and eliminate odors.


  • Baking Soda – mix baking soda with water or vinegar to create a solution that will work wonders on the inside of your oven. Take any racks out of the oven, then sprinkle the inside with baking soda. Dampen the cloth with vinegar and scrub the inside, as the solution begins to react, let it set. After a few minutes, wipe out the solution with water and a cloth.


  • Borax


  • Dawn Dish Soap


  • Lemon Juice – mix with equal parts water to create a natural antiviral and antibacterial solution that can be  used almost anywhere.


Deep Clean, But Not Green

  • Clorox Bleach – always read the directions on the label for where, and how, this solution should be used.


  • Odoban – great for removing any and all smells. Again, read the label for information on how to properly use this product.  




  • Mr. Clean Magic Erasers – amazing and multipurpose


  • Sponges


  • Scrubbing brushes


  • Microfiber cloths – nonabrasive, these cloths will not scratch paint, wood, or other surfaces.


  • Swiffer


  • Buckets – buckets in large and small sizes can be used for carrying around cleaning supplies or cleaning solutions. 


  • Vacuum


  • Spray Bottles – these can be found at most stores, to make cleaning easier in the future, label the bottles with the type of solution that will be used in the bottle. 


  • Mop System or Steam Cleaner – mops  and steam cleaners are great for tile and hardwood floors. Steam cleaners are great because they won’t cause standing water. 


  • Rubber Gloves – these are important especially if you are not cleaning with green products


  • Headphones – so you can listen to your favorite tunes while cleaning!


Did we miss anything? What tools do you consider “must haves” for your spring cleaning checklist? Comment and share below! 


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