Planting an Herb Garden That Will Help the Bees

The bee population has been on a decline over the past decade. Bees are an important component in pollinating the majority of crops around the world. By planting a bee-friendly garden you will help the bees thrive while also having a lovely garden for yourself to enjoy. Here are 5 of our favorite herbs that are also great for the bees!



Rosemary is a woody herb with needle-like leaves. The flowers can vary in color, being either white, pink, purple, or blue. The herb itself is excellent for cooking. It’s known for its anti-inflammatory properties and ability to help ease an upset stomach.



Lavender thrives in a temperate climate. This fragrant plant can be used for culinary purposes and essential oils. It will also attract butterflies and hummingbirds into your garden.



Similar to rosemary, sage has a woody appearance but it has blue or purple flowers. It prefers full to medium sunlight in well-draining soil. It grows similarly to a bush, so plant them at least 2 feet from each other.



Mint is another great herb that can be used for cooking and its essential oils. However, this plant has a tendency to grow over other plants. To prevent this, plant mint in its own individual planter.



Technically, thyme is a member of the mint family. This herb tolerates droughts well and thrives in a sunny environment. It is also wonderful when used fresh or dried in many cooking dishes!


What plants are you incorporating into your garden this year? Are you doing anything to help the bees? Share your comments, tips, and ideas below!


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