How to Make a Bee Spa

Our local bee population will appreciate the time you spend this spring and summer planting “bee friendly” flowers and shrubs.    Did you know that they also need access to fresh water?   Here are a few simple steps to make a “Bee Bath” or “Spa” in your yard to help the local honey bees.

Creating a bee bath in your backyard you’ll help our buzzy winged friends stay hydrated and avoid landing in deep water where they can easily drown.

Shopping List

A shallow dish

Stones or marbles, or other decorative glass.

Pot (used for plants)


  1. Turn your plant pot upside down and use it as the base of your bath.
  2. Place the dish on top of the overturned  pot
  3. Add your stones, marbles or decorative glass to the dish, spreading evenly.
  4. Add fresh water. Pour water just splashing the rocks/marbles, and are not submerged.
  5. Change your bee bath water daily, and give the bath a cleansing rinse once a week.


We would love to see your “spa” pictures.  Please comment and share them below! 


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